Saturday, July 29, 2006

Turn On, Tune In and Go Out (leaving your house looking like Blackpool Illuminations)

You may or may not have heard about the 'energy gap'- the forecast that in 20 years time or so, Britain will have 20% less energy available than it would like to use. Well, due to a heatwave in America and the increased air conditioning usage that has caused, this has already started to happen over there! It's not like them to act first and think later, is it? Shall we learn from their errors or copy them again?

In Britain, I'm interested to see whether or not the energy gap will make those "I want the power but not the power station" people finally accept that their back yard IS the best place to build 40 wind-harnessing fans. Personally, I've already accepted that I will only be able to leave four of my five televisions on constant standby in a few years time, and if a windfarm was proposed for construction on my doorstep, I'd welcome it. I'm sure some of the unsavoury folk who densely populate my neighbourhood would have a few choice expletives to hurl at The Big People Who Control That Sort Of Thing, so I'll leave them to it.

Look forward to my next update, unless you're in America because you won't be able to switch your computer on.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Do Not Suffer Fools Gladly Or: The Nation is Profoundly Stupid.

Yesterday I was deeply shocked after being told that an 18 year old Big Brother contestant cannot boil an egg. I was shocked he knew what an egg was.

More and more it is apparent to me how stupid people are. However, let me set this straight. Education results are at an all time high and generally the youth of today are technologically advanced and could easily handle working in any number of positions they are offered. What I fear is that more and more people are profoundly thick, in that the route of their idiocy is deep and what is lacking instead is basic knowledge and sense, which equates to a society running before it can walk.

The lack of common sense, discipline, morality, obedience, manners and a basic knowledge of geography, history and politics, amongst many other things is frustrating and borders on the ridiculous. It is a very British hobby to mock the intelligence and idiocy of the Americans, but I would be willing to wager that person for person, we are almost equally stupid.

On a tangent, it is quite odd that this extends to American politics, given that most British people sit on their pedestal mocking George W. Bush but don't know Bo Diddly about their own government, except what that clever bloke down t'pub tells them, leaving their own observations to be "Tony Blair has a hideous looking wife". This may be true, but it is irrelevant to his work and position. For example, no one remembers how many grotesque wenches Einstein bedded, although it was possibly gossip at the time.
No, instead they remember "His funny hair and moustache innit".

So, this is the part where I offer some kind of solution to the decadence of our nation, spouting about the revival of National Service and better education. Wrong. I too am profoundly stupid and cannot to this, even beginning to think of how to solve such widespread lunacy is beyond me. Instead I choose to close with a few examples of repeated foolish behaviour that I do not suffer gladly. Instead I suffer it silently.

  • People that ask questions/speak before even thinking. I hear these on an almost daily basis, questions usually beginning with HOW. Every one knows these kinds of questions so there is no point including examples. Perhaps the best example of someone not thinking before they spoke this week was when I saw a headline 'X Files Star is pregnant' and I cracked the joke "David Duchovny is pregnant then...", to the reply "Is he?".......

  • People that ask questions they know the answer to In my day to day life this usually takes the form of an unnamed acquantaince entering the living room and asking "Is this 'x' television show/film?". Yes it is, you well know it is and you are asking to appear knowledgable and to perhaps gain some kind of credibility but instead you are just pissing me off by talking over the top of it!

  • Abbreviation Culture This generally takes the form of bad manners. People that say " 'Scuse!" instead of EXCUSE ME is a particularly annoying one. I wouldn't be bothered if they said 'SCUSI!' in an Italian accent, but to bastardise the English language whilst also offending me by not really caring enough to properly ask to be excused is just annoying. If any of these people ever encountered any terrible luck such as a terminal illness, I would be inclined to send a card that said 'SOZ 2 HR UR :X M8' and the picture on the front would be half drawn and half coloured in. I might not even think through properly what was on the front, maybe send a 'congrats' card because I couldn't be bothered.

I was going to continue but it is plainly obvious that most sensible people won't need these things pointing out and instead might want to contribute examples of foolish behaviour?

Your prize for reading this far is this fact: Mensa are a bunch of money grabbing, elitist, bureaucratic fascists.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Guest writers

In order to provide less bias, more controversy and possible divisions within the camp, I have invited some guest writers to post on my blog! I will let them post about anything so it remains to be seen how long it is before I start overruling people and editing their posts... (I won't do this).

Each writer's opinion is their own and does not represent my view on the subject at all! They have the freedom of the city. The city is Blogville.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Might solve a mystery... or rewrite history

Looks like Mel Gibson (left) is at it again. This time he's making a film based on the fall of Mayan civilisation. The story of 'Apocalypto' follows a kidnapped hero, trying to escape mass sacrifice. The film has us believe that the Mayans used mass sacrifice to appease gods and prevent natural disasters. They didn't- that was the Aztecs! The stars of the film are also apparently going to speak the wrong language again (like in 'The Passion of The Christ', Gibson's last foray into historical inaccuracy) and it will be set in the wrong part of Central America...

A chance to educate the usually apathetic masses through mainstream cinema has been rejected in favour of dressing up a series of fanciful lies as facts! I say this following a conversation at work about 'The Passion...' and the realisation that many considered the events 'gospel' (pardon the pun). For this reason, it is irresponsible and sometimes even dangerous and offensive (see the anti-Semitism on display in 'The Passion') to mislead such a wide audience.


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