Thursday, August 17, 2006

Scientific Experiment # 1. Cutting your own hair whilst drunk.

Hello. Due to a lack of imagination, I have decided to undertake a series of scientific experiments for blog material.

As this is a retrospective post and I was a bit too drunk to realise the blogging potential at the time, illustrations will be used as photographs are not available, although you may be fooled as they are so lifelike.

Here is the set up:

1. Hair cut short a number of months ago, grew out comfortably in all areas EXCEPT the back, where it looks like a mullet. Looks embarrassing but I hate getting it cut.
2. My girlfriend is out and a friend and I head to Blockbusters, rent a triple bill of films and stock up on beers.
3. I get drunk, decide I want to go out and party - BUT OH NO! My hair looks stupid......

So the experiment was born, can I cut the hair on the back of my own head whilst drunk?

Firstly, how do I see what I am doing?

This was acheived by moving a mirror into the bathroom and angling it towards the mirror already in there - illustrated below, the blue line indicating my sight:

Trying to cut chunks of your own hair off, at the back, using a complex mirror system, whilst in a hurry and drunk is not easy and is not advisable if you are an angry or impatient drunk for the following reason:

Working out which way to move your hand with the open scissors to get it closer to the hair you are holding is nearly impossible and might make you feel a bit sick.

The Results:

Well, for all the difficulty, I felt it looked good enough to go out and get drunk further:

Does it look good? I don't know because I can't see it, but it certainly feels better and no one has made a total mockery of me in the street or anything (not for my hair anyway).

Conclusion: Cutting your hair when drunk? GO FOR IT!


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